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Slow Scan TV

Software & links Digital Slow Scan TV operation
Mac software for Slow Scan TV operation
(and many other modes)

Mad Scientists Photo Gallery

View pictures of the N6MPX Mad Scientists Repeater System
Field Day 2003 Slide Shows
Field Day 2003 Pics of SMARC Site
Field Day 2003 Pics of CSARC Site
Field Day 2003 Pics of PAARA Site
Field Day 2003 Pics of HARC Site
Field Day 2003 Pics of AARC Site

Swap Meets

Foothill College Electronics (and Ham) Flea Market - 2nd Saturday of the month - March thru October
Livermore Amateur Radio/Electronics/Computer Swap Meet - 1st Sunday of the month - Year-Round

Past MadSci NET Topics

Prior to 1999, 500khz had a very important function - so important, that there were mandated periods of silence between 480 and 520 kilohertz.
What was the important designation and when did the band go silent?
There is a satellite that is commonly referred to as OSCAR-Zero, and it is still in regular use by Amateurs today.  What is its other name, and roughly how far out in space is its orbit?
[link is a .pdf file]
What's the meaning and origin of the Q-Signal QRRR, and is it still in use?
Which OSCAR Sat was the first to remain in operation for over 1 year, and how long was it actually in operation?
What was the invention between the time of the Spark Gap and the Triode, crucial to radio reception, and when did which Englishman invent it?
What SF scientist invented the TX & RX system used in today's analog TV systems, and in what year was it announced?
What was the first novel ever to be written on a typewriter?
(do a search for "Typewriter")
Between what 2 cities was the first US telegraph message sent, and when?
What is the origin of Tungsten and what was the very first light-bulb filament made of?


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