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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Club Member or Donor to the Mad Scientists Amateur Radio Club.

We’re dedicated to the enjoyment and advancement of amateur radio and the sciences and welcome all licensed hams to utilize our open repeater system and participate in any of our impromptu or scheduled on-air NETs or club events.


Our organization is grouped into the following membership categories:


Repeater User:

If you are a licensed amateur "Fine Business" operator and regularly use the repeaters, join in on conversations, check into our NETs, make QSO's with other operators, or are just active on the air regularly, then you are considered a “Repeater User.” It's that simple, just use the repeaters often and you are part of the Mad Scientists ARC.


Club Member:

If you are already a "Repeater User” and you make a financial donation to the club’s repeater maintenance and upgrade fund, then you will be considered a “Club Member.”

Any amount of donation to the club is appreciated and affirms your interest in helping the repeaters stay in place and remain fully operational. Recognition of your donation requires that you complete a membership application.

Associate and Enhanced Club Memberships include your entire immediate family!


Associate Club Member:

"Club Members" who donate $35 per year or more will be considered "Associate Club Members."


Enhanced Club Member:

"Club Members" who donate $90 per year or more will be considered "Enhanced Club Members."


Senior Club Members & Club Officers:

There are 4 or 5 "Club Officers" who are key member/owners and the "Control Operators” of the repeater system.

The "Club Officers" are licensed amateurs in good standing and must have a General Class License or better. They must be willing to assume shared operational and financial responsibility for maintaining both repeaters, as needed.

Three of the "Club Officers" will be designated as “Senior Club Members.” They will share equally all expenses decided on but not covered by membership fees and donations. Constructive input of ideas will always be considered and appreciated from all users and supporters of this organization, but the "Senior Club Members" will have the final say in all club and repeater control matters.


Club NETs:

As listed in the Events/NETs section, we host regular NETs on the repeaters, including our growing Friday Night Discussion, Amateur Radio Newsline, and Slow-Scan TV NETs.

Here’s your chance to host a NET and run Newsline on our repeaters. You must be an “Associate Club Member" or higher and in good standing to run a NET, and assistance by another Club Member or Officer for the Newsline playback is generally available if you wish.


Club Events:

From time to time, the Mad Scientists and their guests will get together for a social meeting at a local restaurant for a "Dutch Treat" meal. This is a great opportunity to "eye-ball" each other, share ideas, and meet new club members and repeater users.


Club Member Email Mailing List:.

All members are eligible to join the MSARC "Members" Email Mailing List to keep informed about club events and share ham-radio related tid-bits.  Go here to join the list.  Note: Confirmation of your email address and approval by the webmaster is required.


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