Pictures of the Mad Scientists N6MPX Repeater System

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The 2 Meter Machine

Front of repeater equipment rack with door open.
From the top down: meters, battery charger, Icom Rx/Tx controller,
power relay panel, power supply, talking s-meter, and tuned cavities.

Rear of rack with door open.

Bruce (N6THN) working on the repeater.

Doug (W6BKP) working on the repeater.

The home brew repeater controller / talking S-meter.
Built by Jerry (N6CCM), Jim (N6MPX), Paul (WA6BRM), Chris (N6VZD) and Bruce (N6THN).
This is the computer full of features for controlling the 147.300 repeater.


The 70 Centimeter Machine

Doug (W6BKP), the site landlord, and Bill (KB6QEX) working on the repeater.

Rear of rack with door open.
Radios, controller, and tuned cavities.

Bruce (N6THN) standing by the repeater rack.

Backup diesel generator.
Shared with other services in the facility.

Backup generator with starter motor batteries.


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